As I write you my last article as CLA President, I cannot help to think about my time spent with this organization.  We have done so many things over the last two years. Download the full newsletter – November 2021
I am so inspired by the advancements we are making in Lebanon.  We are seeing progress everywhere we look. Download the full newsletter – August 2021 Newsletter
Spring has finally arrived, and I for one am ready.  After a year of doom and gloom, we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.  Our Mayor, Sherry Capello has given us hope with her State of the City address in April where she spotlights the tremendous progress that the city of Lebanon is making. Download the full newsletter – May 2021 Newsletter
I know for myself; winter blues is a thing. The first snowfall is always so beautiful when it happens, then two days later, I am so over the snow. Well, my way around this is to think about all the great things the CLA has planned for 2021.   Download the full CLA Newsletter, Issue 126
With the colder weather settling in, we start to brace for the winter season. The Holidays bring tremendous opportunities for all of us.  Many cannot wait to gather with family and friends and celebrate together.  Download the full CLA Newsletter, Issue 125.